Private or Small Group Classes/Workshops

10:00-12:00 every Saturday at Swanage Methodist Church, all ages

  • 2 hours
  • Swanage Dojo

Service Description

One on one or small group work is a great way to learn information. Whether you're just starting and need help getting the basics down or you've been training for years and would like to further your knowledge, we're here to help. Your sessions are individually tailored to work around and help with any issues and requirements you have at a pace that you are comfortable with. We can work on anything you like from our self protection syllabus including such things as personal safety, awareness, avoidance, confidence, dissuasion, escaping dangerous situations, managing personal space, preemptive striking (when it is legal and acceptable to do so), adrenaline and fear (controlling and utilising), striking (punching, kicking, power slapping, improved power generation, elbows, knees, head), escaping from grips and holds, weapons (awareness, defence and the law) and more. You will be well looked after and everything is taught at a pace you are comfortable with. You are in control of the session and we will not move on to more techniques until you say so and are 100% happy with the ones you are currently learning. Contact us for further information.

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  • Swanage Methodist Church, High Street, Swanage, UK