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Swanage Teens & Adults' Martial Arts & Self Defence

Tel 07888 660225


About Us

We are a Martial Arts & Self Defence club for all ages (4+), abilities and genders, based in Swanage within the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset.

Students who train with us can improve such things as their self confidence, self-defence, concentration, self-discipline, fitness, strength, flexibility and health. We can also help you to lose or maintain your ideal weight, all while meeting like minded friendly people and having fun!


We teach age appropriate skills such as:

personal safety, self protection, awareness, avoidance, confidence, dissuasion, escaping dangerous situations, managing personal space, pre-emptive striking (when it is legal and acceptable to do so), adrenaline and fear (understanding, controlling and utilising), striking - punching, kicking, power slapping, improved power generation (elbows, knees and head), escaping from grips and holds, weapons (awareness, defence and the law), and more!

These skills and more will be taught to you by our fully qualified Black Belt, Enhanced DBS checked and first aid trained Instructor: Ian Rand. He has trained under world-renowned self defence and martial arts instructors including top Japanese and European Karate Sensei; Al Peasland (Personal Safety expert and founder of Complete Self Protection martial arts club); Geoff Thompson (Polled as the Number 1 self-defence instructor in the world and the most influential martial artist since Bruce Lee, and joint chief instructor of the BCA and BCKA with Peter Consterdine); Peter Consterdine (International Security Consultant and Professional Bodyguard with over 40 years of experience in martial arts and self defence); along with many more world-class martial arts and self defence instructors. 

Ian has trained for over 30 years, starting his club in Basingstoke (see button adjacent) which has now been running for 10 years, and his Swanage martial arts and self-defence classes cover realistic applications of Japanese, Chinese and Filipino Martial Arts,, such as traditional Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) MMA, weapons and knife defence, Kali Escrima, Jeet Kune Do (JKD)  as well as practical self-defence skills.

This Martial Arts and Self Defence class is suitable for mature young adults (aged 11+) teenagers and adults of all genders. Please be aware that this class is reality based and may not be suitable for anyone who has a sensitive disposition to talking about or training for real life self defence situations.

If you are also interested in classes suitable for children (4+) and parents or carers as part of our family friendly training, please click the button adjacent.

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Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes



The techniques and skills Ian is teaching are genuine and proven to work, they aren't just out of a book and Ian himself is going back to his teachers and learning new concepts - he's not content with just passing on what he's learnt; but also what he's learning.
Joining Ian's class is helping my weight drop down as well as improving my cardio strength. I can reflect on the first couple of weeks and see how far I've already come.
I recommend Ian's martial arts and self-defence classes to anyone who is serious about defending themselves and having some fun at the same time.

Darren Lussenden

Not long been with Swanage Self Defence in the period I've been with them I have learnt some fantastic techniques for real-life situations. The students and teachers are all very welcoming and we have a great laugh, when Ian turns up the pressure it's still very enjoyable. This club is up there with the best! 10/10 for Thai, and fitness. Ian takes into consideration any health issues and works with you. My peak flow meter reading has gone from 550 all the way up to 750! I highly recommend Swanage Self Defence to anyone.

Dave Mingay
I can recommend this club highly to anyone who wants to build their self-protection skills, self-confidence and fitness.

Being forced into a difficult situation can happen to anyone at any time. Having the invaluable knowledge and skills taught by the club would only benefit anyone in enabling them to protect themselves.

The classes have even helped my confidence in real life events. An example, I have recently just got a new job and I’m certain the confidence I have built in the short time with the club helped me immensely during the stressful interview process.

My only regret is not having started these classes at a younger age.

If you are considering starting a martial arts class even as I did at beginner level aged 30. The club will make you feel very welcome and I'm confident you won't regret the decision.

Lee Nightingale


Contact Us
Call us on 07888 660225email us here, or book your taster session below!

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