FREE TASTER: All Ages & Abilities*

9:00-10:00 am every Saturday at Swanage Methodist Church

  • 1 hour
  • Swanage Dojo

Service Description

*Please note this is an all ages class (4 years+) but children need to be mature enough to either train unaided or with the help of a participating parent/carer as this is also a family friendly class. If younger children prefer to leave early this is also not a problem as we will have a short break after 1/2 an hour at which time they are welcome to go home if they are feeling tired or struggling to concentrate (NB 1/2 an hour may be all young children can cope with in the first few weeks). PRICE: The 1st week is FREE TO TRY then the next 5 weeks are JUST £5 per session on a trial PAY AS YOU GO basis. At the end of the 6 weeks you will be offered a chance to continue training with us to further build your skills and take optional belt gradings. WHAT TO EXPECT: We will start our training with a fun warm-up then progress to learning some techniques whilst still having fun. If you find anything difficult please don't worry as either your parent, carer or your instructor will be available to help you. If you are at all worried about having to fight or concerned about getting hurt in sparring please don’t be as you will NOT be sparring with anyone on your first session, or even in further sessions, until such time as you and your instructor both agree that you are ready and happy to do so, and even then this will only be done in a safe, progressive manner with the appropriate safety sparring equipment). If you are finding anything difficult and your partner can’t help you please just raise your hand, or call out to your Sensei (dressed in a black uniform) and we will help you. You will not be told off for asking questions, everyone was a beginner once and your instructors always know this and will do all we can to make your classes a fun learning experience. We sometimes find people are nervous and worried about their first class but I assure you there is no need to be. It will be fun, safe and if there is anything you don't feel happy doing during the class just let me know and we will find something else for you to do, or you can watch until you feel happy to join in again. All we ask is that you treat classes like school or work, giving us your full attention when we are demonstrating what we would like you to do, not talking when we do, and trying your best. At the end of the class, we will usually finish with a fun drill (game), such as the very popular dodgeball, which helps with things such as improved speed, reaction, timing etc.

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  • Swanage Methodist Church, High Street, Swanage, UK